Tattoo Removal Services In NZ

For whatever reason, sometimes you just end up with a tattoo that you no longer want. It’s got to go. Just a few short years ago your options were pretty bleak. But with the latest laser based tattoo removal machines having now arrived in New Zealand, you can get incredible results at a very reasonable price.

It doesn’t matter how inked up you are, or how densely, the beauty of the latest Q-Switched lasers is incredible to watch in action. For most serious tattoos you’ll need a few treatments, but you can pretty much completely remove them.

removal of an arm tattoo

Tattoo Removal by Laser Has Helped People to Get Rid Of Unwanted Memories

Tattoos have gained considerable popularity in the last few decades, and this form of permanent marking of the skin, also has led to the increasing number of people regretting such marking or later finding it irrelevant or embarrassing. The figure of such regrets is put almost as high as half the number of people who get such tattoos inked in when they are emotionally vulnerable, and then wanting to remove them or ink in newer ones.

Used To Be Painful & Ineffective

The removal of tattoos used to be an extremely painful and at times ineffective or even impossible task (tried acid removal anyone?). This is why tattoo artists are insistent that their customers think long and hard before they ask for the permanent inking on their bodies.

Lasers To The Rescue

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue and the use of lasers to remove tattoos, has become quite commonplace and affordable. Lasers act to remove tattoos by focusing the laser, which is an intense beam of light, on the tattoo. This breaks up the pigment of the tattoo ink into small fragments, which then go through a slow process of absorption by the body, which flushes out these fragments over time. The equipment allows the target to be concentrated on the ink and does not permanently harm surrounding skin, which previously used removal techniques were not able to ensure. There are therefore no scars or damage to tissue, and the healing process is quick.

Tips To Minimise Pain

Getting tattoos is a painful process, even with the most of accomplished artists doing the work. By comparison, the removal of tattoos can actually be more painful but it takes a lot less time than it took to put on the tattoo in the first place. So take the advice of your removal expert and use a recommended numbing agents like lidocaine/prilocaine (read the label and apply it early enough to be fully working in time!), or use cooling agents. This will make a huge difference.

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How Many Sessions Will I Need? What Does It Cost?

Tattoo removal by laser does require a number of sessions and will depend on the age of the tattoo, the color and density of the ink, its location and depth. Older tattoos are more easily removed, as some of the skin has already been absorbed by the body. Many people opt to get a tattoo lightened so that it can be covered over by fresh tattoos, and this may require lesser treatments than complete removal.

It is not uncommon to have a minimum of five treatments for the removal, while deeper and more intense tattooing may require a dozen sittings. Treatments have to be spaced, to allow the body to absorb the ink already broken down, and these intervals will be anything from a month or more. Some ink jobs won’t show a hundred percent removal but the difference is incredible, so make sure you discuss your expectations before you start the process.

There can be side effects during tattoo removal, almost similar to that which occurred during the original inking. But most of these are temporary and require time to get over. Ice and anaesthetic creams do help to reduce discomfort. Laser removal sessions are not cheap and can cost around $100 per treatment, so also make sure you discuss how many sessions you think you will need so you don’t run out of funds before you get to the result you want.

If you’re still not sure if this kind of treatment is right for you, then you can find more answers in our tattoo removal questions – you can also contact us if you need any further information.

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