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Tattoo got to go? We can help with laser tattoo removal services in Auckland. The technology has got so good now, that there’s really no longer any need to put up with a tattoo you don’t want. From South Auckland to the North Shore you can find a removal specialist to help.


Over the past couple of decades, the world of tattooing has evolved tremendously both in the art form as well as popularity. With the quality of tattoos improving, more and more people are looking to have their older, less appealing tattoos removed.

So as a result there are many more people looking into laser tattoo removal. You can get rid of something on your skin that may be a bad reminder of the past, or that just might not be up to the quality of newer work you’ve had done.

So How Does It Work?

When laser tattoo removal takes place, a laser is used to focus energy on the tattoo, which will break up the pigmentation of theink into tiny fragments or particles. These particles will then start to get absorbed by the body and flushed out naturally over the course of several weeks following each laser treatment.

The most current technology allows for pinpointing the ink without any harm being done to the area of the skin surrounding the tattoo and any tissue cells, allowing for quicker healing and limited scarring.

How Many Treatment Will It Take?

Usually, you will find that the number of treatment sessions that may need to be done to remove a tattoo will rely on a number of factors. This will include the density of the ink, the color, the age of the tattoo, the type of skin and of course the location and how well the tattoo was applied originally.

Many professional tattoos will take anywhere from 6 to 12 complete treatments to have the it successfully removed – but you will start to see a huge difference right from the first session. Tattoos that were done at home will usually take fewer treatments, with removal being complete within just 1 to 6 treatments overall.

Cover Up Treatment

You can also simply opt to have your tattoo ‘lightened’ through laser removal rather than removed. This will limit the cost but make it much easier to cover the remaining image up with another, higher quality tattoo done by a professional.

Will It Hurt?

No matter the reason, the pain that comes along with laser tattoo removal is often looked at as being similar to the level of pain that you would get with the initial tattoo process. Others say it feels more like having a rubber band snapped onto your skin when the laser makes impact.

But it’s fast process, much faster than getting inked. So the pain is over pretty quick. And even though you’ll probably need to come back for more work, once it’s gone that tattoo is not going to come back ever again!

Laser removal services for tattoos in West or South Auckland, Remuera, K Road, City or North Shore.
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