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If you have an embarassing or poor quality tattoo, and you live in Christchurch, we can help you get it removed. With laser treatment sessions you can say goodbye to ink that you no longer want. From Hornby to Kaiapoi, there’s a professional who can work wonders for you.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Tattoos

Of youth, bad decision, big mistakes and general foolishness! We’ve all done things that we are ashamed of but none are as seemingly permanent as a tattoo. The folly of an inebriated night, or the ills of living in a bad neighbourhood can lead to many irreversible traumas. Of all of these things, only a tattoo is removable. Like most mistakes, they are easier to make than unmake, and such is the truth when it comes to getting rid of unwanted tattoos. Luckily, they are removable but at a cost.

Getting Rid of A Tattoo

It isn’t that tattoos are permanent (they used to be!), but they are difficult to get rid of and it often takes several sessions to fully remove them. The cost of removing tattoos isn’t only monetary but it is also in the scars and the telltale signs of non-virgin skin left behind. Expect a little pain, not the fun pain of having your name inked on your skin so that you won’t forget it but a less satisfying pain of removing that bad decision from your skin. Don’t worry, like your unwanted tattoo, the pain is only temporary.

Time, it’s going to take a few sessions to removed heavily inked tattoos. Smaller tattoos are destroyed from existence much with the same ease as they were carved into your skin – it just might take a session or two. If you have a full colour sleeve, expect a very long road ahead. Time really shouldn’t be an issue because the mere act of getting inked was supposed to be permanent, yet you wish to undo that, so whatever time it takes, it takes. This is the cost of removing ink from your body.

So tattoos are removable but it depends on the type of tattoo, how big it is, how deep it is, the color and a lot of other factors. Realize that it might cause some pain, but pain in pain out. How could anyone expect any less of a cost to have something that was meant to be permanent? Accept that it might hurt, that it is going to take time, and enjoy the journey of erasing your mistakes. At least such mistakes are repairable.

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Getting inked, or de-inked, always choose an experienced professional.
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